Resources to aid OTJs

Tools for assessment

For Year 0-8 you can use these exemplar rubrics developed by Anne Rzoska from the online exemplars.

Examples of Use

Coming soon

For Year 4-8 you can use the exemplar rubrics above or use those in the public section of e-asTTle at

e-asTTle FAQs are helpful in interpreting the revised asTTle marking

Examples of Use

To be developed later in Term 2 2012 as schools begin using the revised rubrics.

Triangulation for OTJs

ALL OTJs need to be made using more than just the writing tools above. They need to be triangulated with regular teacher observations and collection of student learning conversations. The following may be useful in assisting this purpose.

Gathering Student Voice

This template can be useful for recording student voice about their writing. Having an independent person complete this can be useful but is not essential - the person would be best known to the students so that rapport is established before recording their thoughts.

Aligning the exemplars, curriculum levels, literacy progressions and national standards